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Spike The Amputee

Spike's 3-legged adventures

Spike The Amputee

Happy Spike = Happy Home

February 6th, 2017 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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This is Spike when he was happy:

I can’t wait for him to be happy again. In a way it seems that is what our entire household needs to be happy again.

We have no idea what to expect. No timeline was given for post surgery recovery. His next vet appointment is in two weeks so I expect the next 2 weeks to be more of the same, and then what? When do we get a break? How do we leave him alone? How do we keep him calm?

Should we confine him to a single room that we’re not in? Should we crate him? Neither of which seems fair to him…

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  • tinsch

    My heart is heavy for you, you sound so devastated. We’re here for you! Ask any questions you have in the forums or even call the helpline!
    Our recovery really started about 2 weeks post op. Those two weeks were horrible but it got better! Just believe it will. I did not have to keep my dog calm, I had to get him motivated to move again. So every dog is different, I suppose. In my eyes there’s nothing wrong with light exercise, aka potty breaks, walking around the house, etc.
    If you feel he’s not coping well or could be in pain: screw the appointment, go to the vet earlier.
    I’m sure he’ll have that smile back on his face soon and so will you!
    Hugs and encouragement from
    Tina and Manni

    • timewillt3ll

      Spike has been on 3 legs occasionally prior to his surgery. For him the new part is the e-collar, he even seems to have the balancing figured out for the most part.
      We also have a new baby and I am set to go back to work this week, 8 weeks post my c-section surgery, 1 week post op for Spike.

  • traceym

    These two weeks post-surgery are usually the hardest. For us, Tai does not do well in a crate so we camped out in the living room. Spike does need to be kept quiet to heal…how is he acting? Short breaks to poop and pee (so no rough play sessions, long walks, etc) are what’s needed. Folks here will tell you how different your pup will act when the staples come out, which was true for Tai as well; she perked up and started getting back to herself.

    What is Spike’s mood? It is normal to be sleepy and quiet, he had major surgery and his body needs rest.

    Handsome boy 🙂

    Tracey & Tai

    • timewillt3ll

      Thanks, he has never crated well for me either. The way our house is layed out, I don’t have anywhere on the first floor to confine him other than the kitchen which is what we will be doing when we are not home.

      Spike is normally a quiet laid back sleepy guy. Pre surgery we were told the restlessness is a sign of pain. He is on so much medication, he almost seems delirious.

  • benny55

    Love that picture of Spike!!! And you WILL see him happy again!!!!!!

    Recovery is no picnic for a couple of weeks, that’s for sure!! But when his sparkle starts to come back, slowly but surely, it will all be worth it!!

    Yeah, ditto the suggestion to post during the recovery over on the forums too. We all understand. We all have been through it AND survived it!! It’s a scary time and you are exhausted emotionally and physically. AND just had a baby!! Congratulations!!

    STAY CONNECTED! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! We are here for you and with you.

    A d yes, the pain meds can make him wuite whacky. What are his doses, his meds and how much does he weigh’

    Tell us more about the ADORABLE Spike when you can.


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • timewillt3ll

      Thanks for the support. Spike is actually back in the vet’s care. He is getting some of his meds through IV for a few more days.

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